Clutch Services

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Clutch Services

Taylor Race Engineering is a Quarter Master Key Warehouse Distributor and has been an authorized Tilton Premier Warehouse distributor and rebuild station since 1994, carrying all of the parts and tooling required to refurbish your Tilton metallic clutch back to pristine condition. From balancing flywheels and creating annular clutch release systems to machining existing flywheels to accept Tilton clutches, Taylor Race has got you covered on all of your Tilton or Quarter Master clutch needs. Prices below are for Labor only.

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Rebuild Tilton OTII or OTIII Clutch $ 45.00
Balance Tilton OTII or OTIII Clutch $ 24.75
Prepare Flywheel for Tilton Clutch $ 120.00
Resurface Racing Flywheel $ 110.00
Machine and install "Heat Shield" friction surf. $ 160.00